Tuesday, May 28, 2013


My children love each other so much they wanted to be twins but they were not able so instead they decided to be exactly 2 years and 1 day apart. Dathen turned 3 on the 23rd and Jema turned 1 on the 24th. 

 I did not even hardly touch this picture of Jema. I pretty much just straightened it a little. Isnt she gorgeous! (I am a little bias lol) Those eyes!

Dathen loves the move Cars. So on his birthday we got him a balloon and he carried it around EVERYWHERE! 

What a stud! He loves the playground!

Oh how I love my little precious children!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Logan Utah, LDS Wedding: Michael & Jessica

They were waiting to find each other for a long time it seamed. But when they finally found each other they knew they were meant to be together for all eternity. Everyone said it would happen, and that the wait would be worth it. They have come to find that the wait was worth it, and now they would be together forever!

 I love this next picture so much because it was their first look, and you can see how happy his mother is in the background.

Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you both!
Thank you so much for letting me capture these special moments!

Monday, May 6, 2013

It is GREAT to be 8!

Ethan made a big decision to get baptized. Doesn't he look like a like a missionary! 

Look at those cute boys!

You guys are a beautiful family, thank you for letting me take your pictures!