Newborn Session Tips

Newborn session tips

  • Play and interact with your awake baby lots in the time leading up to your session. I want baby to be nice and sleepy during the session, not ready to play!
  • A baby with a full tummy is a happy, sleepy baby. Please be prepared to feed baby a few times during your session. 
  • Newborn sessions take 3-4 hours, as I won't rush at all and simply follow baby's lead! I will spend lots of time simply soothing your little one, so feel free to have snakes, a book, or to take a snooze. Oh, and make sure you let Dad know it will take this long!
  • Have some extra wipes and burp cloths, and maybe even a spare shirt as almost all parents get peed or pooped on during a session. Its hard to avoid with a naked newborn around!
  • The room will need to be nice and toasty warm, as we want baby to be comfortable enough to sleep in the nude. Dressing in layers is a great idea!
  • If you have older children you'd like photographed with your newborn, I will do those pictures either at the beginning or end of the session. Three hours is a long time for big brother or sister, so plan on having one parent or grandparent either bring them late to the session or leave early with them so they don't have to stick around.
  • Please, please jot down a list of newborn poses or shots that you'd like to have with your baby, but remember that I will follow the lead of the baby. Not all babies like certain poses, but I promise I will do the best I can!

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