Monday, December 19, 2016

Bremen, Germany | Personal

I went to Germany with these two. It was an experience I will never forget! 

It was gray and always cloudy, but so green and beautiful. 

 There are bikes everywhere! Everyone rides bikes. They use bikes more than cars.

 Every little house looked like something straight out of a story!!!

 I adored the cobblestone walkways!!!

 We went at the perfect time because of all the beautiful fall colors and the leaves were falling off of the trees perfectly.

We loved eating at the bakery. The nicest lady worked at this one but she didn't speak much english. When we asked her she threw up her hands "nien" (no). But she was laughing and smiling the whole time she helped us.

 Walking to the market we walked in the woods along these amazing paths. The feeling was so calm and peaceful.

It was wet!!!! 

We road on the train every time we wanted to go to Bremen. And we may have gotten on the wrong one at some point….and then it may have taken us 3 hours to find our way back. Adventures right!

 Bremen was so fun to visit!

The buildings are just SO amazing!

In Bremen we visited Schnoor, and it was one of my favorite parts. All the little old shops and paths ways. The colors and the cobblestone walk paths, the gates, the doors; it was all so perfect.

In Schnoor, there was a Christmas store…..lets just say it was spectacular!!! I wanted to cry when we left. If I was to have a little store I know that this is my type of store. Christmas lights everywhere!!!

Inside they had a 400 year old wall. It is the last standing of the Bremen wall.

When you go to Bremen you have to see the Cathedral. 

We have no idea how this guy was floating!! If anyone knows please tell me!!!

This is the Bremen town musicians. They have a story all about them.

I loved this house SO much! I would love to take it and the 60 acres it is on and move it back home!

Ok so the Germany Chocolate Ice Cream is HEAVEN!!!!! If anyone has a recipe or knows were I can get some you will be my best friend forever! Every time I got the chance I had to have some, even though it was freezing outside!

 Something that was different was their beds and blankets. The sheets are around their blankets and each has their own instead of having one blanket on the beds. But they were down and so amazing.

This is the Park Hotel and it was amazing. (Especially the breakfast)

This is an image that I see in like Pride and Prejudice, where she is walking across this lawn. *sigh*

SERIOUSLY!!!!! I had some feelings deep inside of me that were being awaken! I have Germany in my blood and now it is awake and I will never be the same.

Have you ever been to Bremen Germany? Oh any where else that was amazing?