Tuesday, February 22, 2011

“You drive me nuts right off the bat” + Birthday wishes

We were tired of being cooped up in the house so we went over to my parents for a little bit change of scenery. My family is funny! We have a good time together. My mom was throwing some mail away and there was a perfume sample so she rubbed it on and told my dad to smell it. My dad smelled her wrist and said you drive me nuts right off the bat! Then we all got talking about how there should be a perfume called ‘You drive me nuts right off the bat’. So we went around laughing “How do you like my new perfume, ‘You drive me nuts right off the bat’”. If you ask us what our favorite perfume would be, it would most definitely be a little bit of laughter and fun with some love and family, which would probably be called “You drive me nuts right off the bat’!

Yesterday I took pictures of my beautiful little sister. She is turning 15 tomorrow and she is the perfect model. HAPPY BIRTHDAY you beauuuutiful girl!!!

Dont mind the small little black spot (I didnt notice until I was done that the lens needed to be cleaned).
The lighting was soo nice. It was hard to choose what pictures to use.
She is so fun to photograph!
I love you sis!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Update: Sick baby and Photography class

It has been very crazy here lately. My little guy got sick so on Valentines Day I took him to the doctors and they told me that he has RSV. My heart sank. RSV? How could that be? Some babies that get RSV go into the hospital. (Some have even died) I was so scared. I wanted to cry. The doctor told us that he would have to get a machine that would put medicine into his airway and lungs to open it up. We would have to do it ever 4-6 hours. All I could do was to hold my baby and make him as comfortable as possible. It is also extremely contagious so I needed to stay away from others (especially kids). Well everyday this past week he has been getting better and better. In a few days we will go back to the doctors and see how he is doing. I am so thankful that he hasn’t had to go into the hospital or anything worse.

I was able to go to my Photography class this week and turn in my homework. I have wanted to write a post especially about my photography class, but with my little guys so sick I didn’t have anytime. So in my photography class we talked about the Exposure Triangle. This includes ISO, Apertaure (or fstop), and Shutter. Our homework was to take 9 pictures total. The first 3 would have the ISO of 200, and fstop of 5.6, and then we would change the shutter. The first was with a shutter speed where the metering needle said it should be at. The second was under exposed two stops. The third was over exposed two stops. Here are my results.

Then the next 3 pictures had an ISO at 400, and fstop at 8.0. The shutter was then changed again on these three like the other three. The first in the middle, second underexposed, and the third over exposed.

Then the last 3 pictures had an ISO at 800 and fstop at 11. The shutter was changed again as the others were.

As you can tell there are all a little different. I had fun shooting these still life photos. As soon as I get a chance I will blog about what we went over in class this last week. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shooting Kids :)

I started my photography class, and was feeling pretty good and excited to start shooting in manuel. I grabbed my sister and started taking pictures of her. We spend quite a while in my parents yard, then she put them onto the computer to look at them, and I  am now feeling very inadequate. They were ALL (ok mostly) blurry! I am now feeling like I need to learn more about my settings in manuel.
Ok on a funny note. At my photography class we were going over some of the settings and I had a setting some of the others didn’t have. It is a little kid. I told them it was for shooting kids. They all decided that it was a good thing they didn’t have that setting. Most of them thought that it would be bad to shoot their kids. J

Friday, February 4, 2011


I have been visiting the talented Melissa Niu’s website at http://melissaniu.com/ and on her site she is starting a show called Framed. They are going to be interviewing all of the photographers that we admire every Tuesday. They are going to be going over everything we want to learn. I am so excited to watch Framed at http://www.framedshow.com/. They have already interview Mitch Meyer and I am so impressed with his work and his creative abilities. I know that I now need to be myself and find my own creativity!