Monday, January 31, 2011

Celebrate, difficult, and hip hip hooray!

It was my birthday this past weekend. On Friday night I had a few couples over and we had a murder mystery party. It was a murder on the grill. We all dressed up in 50’s attire. It was so much fun!!! I had bought the game about 4 years ago so I could do it for my birthday, but it didn’t happen. (So it was long over due) Then Saturday morning my family and my husbands family came over and we celebrated with them.

Ok they say this blog thing is easy!?! Really? Well I had this great idea, and I couldn’t figure it out. I frequently make things more difficult then they have to be. I decided to go to the library and get one of those Blogging for dummies books. I am trying to read it, but I haven’t had a chance yet. (With an 8 month old I don’t get much time for reading) I was talking to my wonderful husband yesterday about my blog and he got on and figured some things out for me. So THANK YOU honey for making my blog look a lot better.

Hooray!!! I just signed up for a 6 week photography class, and I am so excited. My first class is going to be this Thursday. I am suppose to bring my camera, manuel, paper and a pencil. That is all fine and dandy but my father doesn’t know where his manuel is. I guess I will use the nifty little internet and print it off. Thank you internet for having everything.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Welcome to Breann Patty Photography

I am so excited to start this journey! I am just starting this blog, I have never had a blog before. I am kind of scared because this is something new. Everyday I look at (many, too many) different blogs from others and finally decided to start my own. I had to join all of you :)
I am starting my Photography by using my father's Nikon D50 camera. I don't have my own yet, but I am planning on getting one soon (hopefully) :) I want to capture my baby's cute little face, and the way he makes me feel. Or how my dog sleeps in the funniest positions. I want to be able to capture the moments for others so they can remember those special times. That is what I love about photography! You can look at a picture and can remember to that place and time and feel the same things that you felt then.  I will try to capture the beauty of life, and the thrill of those moments we love.