Monday, February 29, 2016

Barfield's Family | Las Vegas Photographer

This is one of the BEST, supportive, kind, loving, helpful, fabulous families ever!!!! Thank you guys for being so amazing!

Beautiful Teeth | Dr. Hamilton

YOU change the world....Dr. Hamilton CHANGES your teeth! And every single on of these kids is changing the world for better!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What I See Through The Viewfinder | Personal

We all feel self-conscious. We don’t want to be in front of the camera. But we want pictures of our loved ones. Don’t you think our loved ones want pictures of us?....just thinking. I always want fresh and new pictures of my loved ones, but I don’t enjoy being in front of the camera. I always see pictures of me and think, I don’t like the way my hair is, or my arms look too long or awkward. I wish I didn’t crinkle my nose when I interact with my family. I am sure you get the point, because most of you will see yourself the way I see myself. But what if I told you the way that I see you?...... When I look through the viewfinder on my camera the person (or persons) that is on the other side is the most beautiful person! I see the light in their eyes, and laughter that fills their heart. I see that their heart is huge, and that the things they love to do are so important. The soul is shinning bright and surrounding them.  I really feel like you are the most beautiful human being!!! You are perfect just the way you are! You are loved by SO many people, and I can see why they love you.  I want to capture you the way that I see you…the way that the people that love you see you. I want you to feel beautiful because you are! I want you to look at your images and FEEL fabulous because you ARE!! I want you to LOVE yourself as much as your family does, and I want you to feel like you are IMPORTANT and SPECIAL because you ARE! Every person that I see through my viewfinder has a place in my heart. I can see so much in YOU!!! Please….pretty PLEASE, know that you are fabulous!!

There are a few moments in my life that when I think about I can see. I can feel it, like I am there. Almost like I am reliving it. My little ones are growing up so fast, and I know that these moments sometimes start to fade. BUT when there is a moment that is captured it tends to stay longer, and anything that lets my little ones stay in this moment longer makes me happier. So I wanted to remember saying bye to my little guy going to school, and playing card games with my little ones. I want to remember reading stories and playing tickle games. And if I am in the picture it helps to remember how it felt too, and my kids will remember. Also I know that when my kids look at these pictures they wont be seeing the flaws that I see; they will see the moments that mommy was with them.

So I am trying to be in more pictures and seeing the beauty that is in me… that is there. The beauty my kids see. The beauty that I would see if I was looking at myself through the viewfinder.