Sunday, November 8, 2015

Taylor is Beauty Revived | Las Vegas Senior

Meet Taylor!!
She was nominated for the Beauty Revived Session. And I have to say that I am so happy that I have meet her and that I got to capture her beautiful smile! She has such a special spirit about her and knows who she is. 

Her mothers words are so perfectly said about What Makes Her Beautiful:

"Taylor has a beautiful smile. The beauty of her smile is the sincerity of it. She radiates happiness.  She brings happiness to others and everyone loves her company. Your mood and day just seems better when she is around. She looks for the positive and seeks out happiness. To be happy is truly her daily quest.
She was recently nominated for best personality by her senior class. This is because she is kind and caring.  She pulls the outsider into the group. She shows compassion to those who are sad, lonely, and burdened. While serving as a youth leader at few girls camps, she would seek for the younger girls who struggled with homesickness, feeling lonely, or scared.  She made it her job to bring happiness to those girls. She spent time one on one with those who needed a friend or a “big sister”. The last few years she has been voted as the Most Valuable Camper by the group.
Some may think she never has difficulty because of this positive attitude.  That is not the case. She has had to deal with some of the typical unkind, mean, and hurtful situations that many teenagers face. She chooses to overcome these situations by seeking others who make her happy. She makes lists of the things she is grateful for, expresses gratitude, and focuses on the positive. She doesn’t dwell on the negative.
Taylor is courageous as she lives her life and remains true to herself. She would rather stand alone, than lower her standards to be accepted by the crowd. She is able to balance being a friend to everyone without giving up her integrity and staying true to who she is.
Taylor’s beauty shows in her acceptance of herself and her acceptance of  others. She knows who she is and understands her value and finds the value in others. Taylor wants everyone to feel loved and does this by offering friendship to everyone. She has a kind, loving heart. She is a true beauty."

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